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Statement from Board of Education President Frank Clark on New Board Meeting Registration Procedures

April 29, 2016

"In the nine months I have served as Board of Education President, we have taken steps to bolster public engagement through proactive initiatives including the use of automated tools for requesting office hours, a revised help tool at cpsboe.org, and the implementation of equal speaking time for non-English speakers at our monthly meetings. Beginning next month, we will take additional steps to improve public engagement by launching community-based office hours and publishing each meeting's public agenda prior to the speaker and attendee registration period.  Posting the public agenda before registration opens will allow community members to make informed decisions about their participation in meetings, which should foster more productive and focused meetings. The Board of Education will continue to explore opportunities to more effectively engage the public, and we look forward to implementing our new registration system next month.”


- Beginning with the May 2016 Board Meeting, speaker and attendee registration for monthly Board Meetings will open after the public agenda is posted. 

- The Public agenda will still be posted at 10 AM on the Monday prior to the Board Meeting, but speaker and attendee registration will now open at 10:30 AM on Monday, which is 48 hours prior to the Board Meeting.

- Opening speaker and attendee registration after the public agenda is posted will bring the Board in compliance with a recent ruling from the Office of Attorney General regarding public meeting registration timing. 

- Next week, the Board will hold office hours at Earle ES to allow community members to more easily meet with Board Members. The Board is working to arrange similar opportunities for community-based office hours in the near future.

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