As part its commitment to increased transparency and public engagement, in June 2019 the Board implemented a series of reforms to build and maintain trust with the communities we serve and promote a high-quality education for every child, in every neighborhood.

To support these efforts, the Board established committees to focus on some of our highest priority educational policy areas. The core purpose of each committee is to gather information to help inform the Board and shape educational policies on critical issues.

  • Early Childhood: Quality early care and education is widely recognized as having the potential to provide a strong foundation for future school success. As the City of Chicago implements an ambitious expansion of preschool for four year olds, this committee engages different constituencies (families, educators, administrators and community representatives) and agencies (Community Based Organizations, CPS, and other) in a conversation of how strong collaboration may contribute to, identify, and address the needs of children, families, and communities across the city. The Early Childhood Committee is chaired by Board Member Luisiana Meléndez
  • Finance and Audit: The core purpose of the Finance and Audit Committee is to engage the  public  and gather input on the Board’s budget (revenue, spending, and capital), financing and financial condition, procurement, continuous improvement, key risks, and related matters, so that the Board can make prudent strategic and budget decisions for the long-term benefit of students. The Finance and Audit Committee is chaired by Vice President Sendhil Revuluri.
  • Whole Child: To ensure that all students have equitable access to learning opportunities, we need to provide focused and differentiated supports for all students. This committee will focus on academic and social supports necessary to ensure that all CPS students succeed. The Whole Child Committee is chaired by Board Member Amy Rome.
  • Workforce Development and Equity: All students deserve access to highly effective teachers, principals, and educational support staff who reflect the diversity of our school communities and city. The focus of this committee is to build on strategies and programs that aim to address some of our core challenges in employment diversity and equitable access to high-quality education. The Workforce Development and Equity Committee is chaired by Board Member Elizabeth Todd-Breland.