Actions: September 25, 2013

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Non-delegable board reports that require member action


13-0925-MO1 Motion to Hold a Closed Session *Adopted

Reports from the General Counsel

13-0925-AR4 Authorize Continued Retention of The Law Firm Laner Muchin Dombrow Becker Levin & Tominberg, Ltd. *Adopted
13-0925-AR5 Authorize Continued Retention of The Law Firm Shefsky & Froelich, Ltd. *Adopted
13-0925-AR6 Workers’ Compensation – Payment for Lump Sum Settlement for Christine Lott – Case No. 12 WC 00001 *Adopted
13-0925-AR7 Workers’ Compensation – Payment for Lump Sum Settlement for Eddie L. Morris – Case Nos. 10 WC 36658 and 11 WC 22118 *Adopted
13-0925-AR8 Authorize Retention of Analysis Group, Inc. *Adopted

Reports from the Chief Executive Officer

13-0925-EX4 Transfer and Appoint Chief of College and Career Success – Office of College and Career Success (Aarti Dhupelia) *Adopted
13-0925-EX5 Principal Contracts (New ALSC) (Fred Aguirre) (James Clarke) (Ali Muhammad) *Adopted

Reports from the Board of Education

13-0925-RS4 Resolution by the Board of Education of the City of Chicago Regarding the Dismissal of Luciana Dickens Tenured Teacher, Assigned to South Shore International College Prep High School *Adopted
13-0925-RS5 Resolution Approving Chief Executive Officer’s Recommendation to Dismiss Educational Support Personnel *Adopted
13-0925-RS6 Resolution Approving Chief Executive Officer’s Recommendation to Dismiss Probationary Appointed Teachers *Adopted
13-0925-RS7 Resolution Authorizing the Honorable Termination of Regularly Certified and Appointed Teachers *Adopted


13-0925-MO2 Motion Re: Adopt and Maintain as Confidential Closed Session Minutes from August 28, 2013 *Adopted
13-0925-MO3 Motion Re: Approval of Record of Proceedings of Meeting Open to the Public August 28, 2013 *Adopted

Report from the Chief Administrative Officer

13-0925-OP1 Disposition of Bids Received for the Sale of Land Located at 2317 W 23rd Place *Adopted


13-0925-RS1 Resolution Re-Appointing David J. Vitale as Commissioner of the Public Building Commission of Chicago Adopted
13-0925-RS2 Approve the Ten Year Educational Facility Master Plan *Adopted as amended
13-0925-RS3 Approve the Mid-Term Appointment of Members to Local School Councils to Fill Vacancies Adopted


13-0925-PO1 Rescind Board Report 04-0825-PO3 Adopt a New Information Security Policy Adopted


13-0925-CO1 Communication Re: Location of Board Meeting of October 23, 2013 (Board Chamber) *No action

Report from the Chief Executive Officer

13-0925-EX1 Transfer of Funds*
*[Note: The complete document will be on File in the Office of the Board]

Education Report

13-0925-ED1 Authorize New Agreement with University of Chicago for School Improvement and Support Services Adopted

Reports from the General Counsel

13-0925-AR1 Authorize Continued Retention of The Law Firm Holland & Knight, LLP Adopted
13-0925-AR2 Authorize Continued Retention of The Law Firm Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP Adopted

Reports from the Chief Procurement Officer

13-0925-PR1 Authorize New Agreement with Experience Corps DBA AARP Experience Corps for School Based Tutoring and Mentoring Services Adopted
13-0925-PR2 Authorize New Agreement with Illinois Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for Culinary Education Services Adopted
13-0925-PR3 Authorize New Agreements with 18 Vendors for Teacher Professional Development Services Adopted
13-0925-PR4 Authorize New Agreement with the University of Chicago for Teacher Professional Development Services Adopted
13-0925-PR5 Authorize New Agreement with Lakeshore Recycling Systems, LLC for Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Services Adopted
13-0925-PR6 Authorize New Agreement with T & J Plumbing, Inc. for Backflow Device Maintenance and Testing Adopted
13-0925-PR7 Report on the Award of Construction Contracts and Changes to Construction Contracts for the Board of Education's Capital Improvement Program Adopted
13-0925-PR8 Authorize Agreement Extensions with Public Consulting Group, Inc. and Paradigm Healthcare Services, LLC for Medicaid and Other Government Reimbursement Claims Adopted
13-0925-PR9 Authorize the Renewal Agreement with Maximus K-12 Education, Inc. DBA Maximus Inc. for License and Maintenance of Student Services Management Software Adopted
13-0925-PR10 Authorize a Renewal Agreement with City of Chicago Department of Public Health for Inspection Services Adopted
13-0925-PR11 Authorize New Agreement with Trimark Marlinn, LLC for the Purchase of Foodservice Equipment and Related Installation Services Adopted
13-0925-PR12 Authorize Renewal Agreements with Revenew International, LLC and Professional Auditing Services of America for Compliance Review and Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing Services Adopted
13-0925-PR13 Authorize New Agreement with Health Care Service Corporation D/B/A Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for (PPO) Medical Plan Services Adopted
13-0925-PR14 Authorize New Agreement with Delta Dental of Illinois for Dental DPPO and DHMO Insurance Services Adopted
13-0925-PR15 Authorize New Agreement with Eyemed Vision Care for Vision Insurance Adopted
13-0925-PR16 Authorize New Agreement with Mercer (US), Inc. for Employee Position, Payband, and Promotion Structure Consulting Services Adopted
13-0925-PR17 Authorize New Agreement with Telligen Health Management Solutions, Inc. for Healthcare Utilization and Case Management Services Adopted
13-0925-PR18 Authorize New Agreement with United Healthcare Services, Inc. for PPO Medical Plan Services Adopted

Delegable Reports

Reports from the Chief Executive Officer

13-0925-EX2 Report on Principal Contracts (New) Accepted
13-0925-EX3 Report on Principal Contracts (Renewals) Accepted

Report from the General Counsel

13-0925-AR3 Report on Board Report Rescissions Accepted
*Presented at the meeting

I, Susan J. Narrajos, Secretary, do hereby certify that the reports listed and the action noted opposite each report number is correct and reflects the order in which items were presented to the Board.

Susan J. Narrajos